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AKD construction offers a complete approach to building, maintaining and expanding your retail construction and project management needs

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Project Management Solutions for the Retail Industry

Project Management for the retail industry is a specialty of AKD Construction. No construction or installation project is too big or too small for our team. Planning, organizing, and managing projects, we provide the focus and expertise to maximize efficiency while minimizing cost.

From small details to the big picture, our infrastructure can handle any project no matter the size or scope. Our specialties include, but are not limited to:

• Constructability Reviews
• Cost Analysis
• Estimating
• Troubled Project Turnaround
• Value Management
• Surveys
• FFE and Material Sourcing
• Project Risk Analysis
• Construction Management
• Project Scheduling
• Training
• Store Fixture and Graphic Installations
• Product Display Support
• Completion/Close-Out Documentation

The great breadth of our specialties requires the ability to discern what is essential to the process. This ability to streamline the management of any project is the hallmark of our management style, and it means a quicker, more-efficient, and less-expensive project for you.

We are able to quantify items and provide a detailed picture of what it really takes to make the client’s vision a reality. As a result, every aspect is subject to scrutiny such as:

Duplicative Costs:
• Expense Line Item Analysis
• Qualifications of General Contractors
Award Process
General Process Oversight

ADK Construction creates a definite plan for every project, and we manage every point. Give us a call today and let's get started.

AKD Construction manages and executes retail construction projects and retail installations for a wide-range of clientele. A complex and intricate process, retail construction requires collaboration between several different disciplines moving toward a singular purpose. We can execute any project of any size by implementing our powerful and effective infrastructure. Expertise combined with experience, AKD is the solution to all your retail construction needs.